Unknown | 6/10/2014 |

Labyrinth of lies 

The caravan of lies arrived at my fragile camp
Led by your misguided hand, it settled in around me
Yarns after yarns of tales, webbed in uncertain way
You lost in labyrinth , forgetting how to untie the thread

The piles multiply transforming into mini pyramids
Climb if you must , just don't ask me to help you down
The deed will not go on unpunished, karma will come back
The happiness cannot be build on someone's hurting

My kindness and my love been wasted
Pain is immense to carry on the shoulders
We had a rare, understanding bond, more than a lovers
Friends in the best sense of it

I still love you, maybe you got confused in the process
Ask forgiveness, man tend to make mistakes under the stress
My wings are crushed under monolith of falsehood
Remember, love like mine you never find again


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