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     Scribe before the Gods

ah love...

transcends all race
and dimensions.
Luna in her mystical glory
bequeathed inspirations.
Affecting small and large,
nature's wild creations.
Plants and beasts bow
to her ministrations.
A lowly Scribe presents
to the Gods his donations.
To Venus he offers
awe and adorations.
Athena jealously swoons
at his romanticizations.
Even Mars stops
his bloody destructions.
Mercury spreads
the words in all directions.
Jupiter rewarded Scribe's
passionate devotions.
On the Poet's silver head
shall lay laurels set for coronations.

My Goddess

all around me is totally black
nothing else but a luminous clock
secretly I ventured up to the dock
until I find the door and started to knock
my knuckles grew cold with numbing shock
still the door stubbornly maintains its dead lock
standing closed before me as if to mock

the howling wind began to bark
as I go groping in the dark
frantically I searched for the alcove arc
round and round flies the blinded lark
down the vault I searched for the mark
reaching for a splinter that would spark

aided by the light my eyes were cast
upon the profile of Venus' bust
though covered with cobwebs and dust
still it arouses man's tremendous lust
sending out an aroma of musk and rust
to the shade of ivory dusk blend it must

a beauty that makes my heart stop at its sight
and sends me up to soaring height
causes my soul immeasurable fright
its great powers I have to fight
lest I shall never see the morning light
and the world outside so bright

a masterpiece so full of charm
I must protect it from all possible harm
suddenly looking up with great alarm
found myself surrounded by naked warriors in swarm
to the river I ran the goddess cradled in my arm

leaping to the boat my escape I have to ensure
knowing all the trials and pains I must endure
as the mob pursued me for my stolen treasure
hopelessly I screamed to Mother Nature
" Please let me glide without censure
or Death shall find me at his leisure."

softly drifting into the castle
my weary mind in a great muddle
for hours I continued to paddle
until my arms began to tremble
as my lips began to prattle
and my bones start to rattle
I hear myself crazily mumble
" for my love my life I'd happily gamble"

slowly the sky from black turns to gray
my heavy head begins to sway
silently I looked for a place to stay
where to rest my weary body to lay
as my eyes to a close they'd stay
nobody can deny they have to say
a fool I may be at least I did it my way.

The heart's petrarchan

Listen, can you hear the white doves cooing?
Just like a choir of angels from above.
They are softly singing a song of love.
Their croons move your frozen heart to stirring.
Slowly, like snowflakes from the sky falling.
Spreading silently across the lone cove.
A peaceful rhythm as heart starts to throb.
Come! Now is not the time to be hiding.

So quickly it has been, that time flies by.
For a broken heart, each day is a balm.
Like for the mighty eagle soaring sky,
your raging soul, the wind has blown a calm.
Let the currents lift your spirit up high.
Floating upwards to the hum of a psalm.

Contemplate nature for inspiration.
It is not a case of self delusion.
Enlightenment of a situation.
For long time, you lived in an illusion.
You allowed hatred for motivation.

Allow yourself to a new direction.
Depart from fears and desires collision.
Survive beyond what is sustainable.
Faith and trust be your shield and protection.
Reach for a star that is unattainable.
Your heart's desires in your hand's possession.


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