Rik Bertrand.

Unknown | 6/10/2014 |

Broke Down

Broke down on a country road,
In the middle of Smokey Mountain,
No one can hear our fearful cries,
But we continue to keep on shouting.

Our phones are dead, no moon tonight,
The road seems so eerie black,
The scariest thing we can think of,
No one knows where we are at.

Then the glowing eyes begin to appear,
As we hold each other close,
Mother and daughter scared as shit,
In our vehicle we are froze.

The glowing eyes march closer,
Like zombies without a cause.
Then we see a herd of deer,
And think how scared I was.

The deer do pass across the road,
And we decide that we should walk,
Hand in hand, arm in arm,
We head down the road in shock.

Then high shrieks come out of the woods,
And a wolf howls at the sightless moon.
We run back to our car in the dark
Hoping help will be there soon.

The police arrive with loving smiles,
Asking us both if we are ok.
We said that this was a perfect end,
To completely horrible day.

The police said it wasn’t over yet.
As they pushed us against their car,
Roughly they handcuffed us tight,
The night, not over, by far.

We were terrified of the two officers,
Whose faces changed before our eyes,
They were lycans out looking for food,
When they heard our midnight cries.

Well, we were invited to their evening feast,
We thought we were the main course,
But they just wanted company,
And our friendship they had to force.

When all was done they dropped us off,
Right back at our broke down car.
And our nights frightening adventure,
Continued so bazaar.

Mother and daughter got in their car,
And cuddled through the night
Long story short my dear friends,
They survived until the morning light.

[©Rik Bertrand (JUNE 2014 #6) based on a true story, my good friends Inion Mathair (daughter and mother) had this scary incident of their car breaking down on a dark mountain road. This poem replays the incident with added fictional mayhem… J there new dark poems book just came out check them out.]


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