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Any snow soaks cities in white foam. Any rain gives its tears by singing a song. Look! Our hearts have left our bodies to roam. They have found each other in the world's noise. These two hearts may long for roses and nothing more. The flown days don't know what they tore. Do the flown nights know what they caught to store? A bird's nest or a hotel has an open door. A hotel may hear a pulse through a shore. Days and nights can dance on a hotel's floor. Cities! Do you know where our hearts roam? No breeze ever knows the color of its foam.


I wish I was a flower in a newborn spring. Would you like me to be a daisy with pearl lips? Would you like me to be a poppy with ruby cheeks? I would rather be a violet in deep purple dreams. My darling, I probably know one thing. My white tablets wouldn't turn into mint. The Earth and the sun being afar can flirt. Do they know what a violet may hint? It may kiss its purple dreams in a newborn spring. Am I a violet growing in a street? All these hours are travellers veiled by mist. Don't worry, my darling! We still have enough time to sing.


Knight! You have been riding through centuries. I wonder if your horse can still rip the clouds of mysteries. How many lovers have been guiding you through their destinies? Knight! Love is immortal and your horse can jump over boundaries. Your unknown age hasn't dried your veins in the branches for singing canaries. Look at the lovers who are still mending the wide sleeves of their fantasies.


How are you there? Oh sorry I have forgotten you are nowhere. You are probably in my old piano or in my pink craze. My weary piano kisses my fingers to give them strength. Moonlight Sonata has already crept in to be my mate. Don't be jealous of the Moon haunting my glance! Don't be jealous of the piano mentioning the Moon's height! My piano kisses my fingers but my lips whisper your name. Do hear this sonata from your remote place! My address is my old piano on the Earth's face.

Anahit Arustamyan


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