Their Wars We Fight for Them

Their wars we always fight,
their battles our battles,
their concerns we carry on
our minds, and
their problems upon our
shoulders they lay.

By means of lies and sweet
they create war for the poor
to fight for them,
blind patriotism they promote,
emotionally toned nationalist
they sell to the care-free
citizens to hoodwink them into
their pathways of evil.

Once their mind is set on
a prized item,
they devise means to
get it;
subtly-our minds-
their propaganda media
machine begin to attack.

Selling ideas that will soon
become a fetus,
which will make us think and
behave like them;
ideas that will make us commit
our souls to their war,
home or overseas without
extracting Promissory Note
from them.

As soon as war is won,
trophy we brought home and
booty is shared,
they forget our hard labor,
exertion, travail, drudgery,
in battle front;
toil in harsh and inclement
weather and terrains.

When we ask questions,
grudgingly, they give peanuts,
when we raise objection,
they remind us of our oath and
duties to the constitution.

In hangar they will stay,
waiting for another opportunity
to dull our senses,
sedating us with an opium-
political and economic issues of
mesmerizing or hypnotizing
our soul with magic wand of
political witchcraft to make us
commit our souls to their cause

Just like before we shall cave in,
because their commands,
they had made our laws,
their wishes they made
ideology long time ago.

Ideology-they teach us at schools
as intellectual light,
ideology-they whitewashed-
as religious dogmas and tenets,
which we have accepted
without question from
their priestly and
ecclesiastical friends;
ideology-they keep refining
by means of entertainment
that we seek in the theaters and
the world of manywoods.

Do we need a break from
war we do not cause?
Of course, yes,
we need a break
from war we do not share in
its plunder and loot;
we need a break from what
older men cause,
youth fight and die for.

We are tired of wars-innocent
souls are wasted for the rich to
get richer,
we are tired of post traumatic
stress disorder.

We are tired of losing
irreplaceable body parts,
we are tired of seeing young
widows and fatherless children
on streets and in neighborhoods;
we are tired of wasted time at
battle fronts,

we are tired of homesickness,
anytime in overseas fighting wars.

We are tired of wars
in the air, at seas, and
on lands,
if we fail to end war today,
war will someday end us;
should war mongers still
prefer war to peace;
Our Resolution is:
Let Them Fight
Their Wars.

Silas Ola Abayomi


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