The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar
It awoke one day,
coming up from
the dark. Crawling...
around on its many
legs, hoping that it
would not be
stepped on.

It had no idea where
it was or where it was
to go. Wondering
to what would its
destiny be?

It was lonely at times,
not having a child's
hand to be held in
or between their toes.

Every day it would move
on, not knowing what
direction to go but each
of its many legs moved

It awoke one day
enclosed into some
type of contraption.
Every day, it would
just hang there,
wondering if
it had become a

It didn't really like
the dark much so
it slept most of
the time. Not
knowing that
this cocoon,
would, just for
a little while,
take care
of it.

One day it decided
that it did not like
the dark anymore.
It wanted out,
to be one with
nature again.

Soon the cocoon
would break, the
caterpillar would
move around more
each day. One day
it broke out of its

But things were
different this time.
Around its body
were these things
that flapped.

It faltered for a
few minutes then
slowly she started
wiggling them.

Each time she did,
she would move

She wasn't sure how
but she realzed she
had been reborn.
Admiring its colors,
she decided to fly
a little higher each

She would cautiously
step out, testing her
wings. One day she
decided it was time to
do more than rise
slowly so flapping
her wings, she moved
as fast as she could.

Only to look down to
the world that she used
to call a home. She
was free, finally, after
all the dark times she
had gone through,
and now look at her.

Erasing the Cobwebs

It has taken such a hard
time to sweep away some
of the webs of my past.
Not knowing better, I have
had to learn by trial and
The emotions varied between
happiness and love, bitterness
and hatred and so many more.
Crawling up from some of the
lowest points of my life, although
I wanted to, I never gave up.
I will need a man to be patient
and understanding. To be
affectionate but not
For the first time in a long
time, I am feeling strong
enough to see where this
What is the worst that can
happen to me that I have
not going through before?
I am looking forward to seeing
where this may lead.

Sheena Mosier


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