Stranger make me smile again
the one I lost in lonely nights
the one I found again
inside me

It was in my dreams
that you reigned in my soul
beautiful as you were
in the daylight of my eyes

I could not speak to you
it was only in the broken night
that I could find you
as I told myself
how small I was

And yet I wanted you
to shelter there
in my longing
in my desire,
The little bird loves its children fiercely
under thunder
and the burning sky

But I could not comfort you
stranger forgive me
I could not dry your tears

I love you more than life itself
but my faith still flickers

I hope you will find some day
one just like
the one inside me

And I will learn one day
loving you, taking you
in my arms

Until then I move
between the dreaming
and the light.

it was where and you that i lost you
in the sleepless nights
sand twisting dreams
because i could not see you
in the light

the loss and finds you

I love you more
but my faith flickers
between dreams.........

* life outside the walls of my palace,
is framed by endless struggles,
  the season of spring sprout new leaves,
as I walk outside the boundaries of my world..

* Lights in the city, dazzles me,
adorn like the gleaming sun, beyond the blissful horizon

* i walk into a dark room, filled with love.
There my promise lover waits,
offering me their pledge.

* but behold, their hearts,
clothed in hidden wishes and presence,
a voice, I heard suddenly,
"how fleeting our final dream"
dying the moment you left the mirror of your palace...

His wings were shining in the bright sunlight
He was flying through the valley of Kashmir
His black eyes searched the fabulous hills
Near a river he saw a fantasy world of feelings
Unconsciously he flew up to a sparrow’s nest
The sparrow’s nest was high up in a green tree
Becoming entrapped in thorns around the nest
Using his powers of incredible wing strength
He freed himself and stepped right into the nest
There he saw many dying innocent baby sparrows
He interacted with them but soon they all died
In a rage he flew in circles high up in the blue sky
He did not like to fly with broken wings
And he knew that he had admirable wings
Those were the source of attraction for the others
Now realizing he had greater powers than others
This made him proud, his heart filled with dares
But he was lost in a hunger that filled his mind

He moved his large white wings with great power
He watched as his companions ran away in fear
Then alone he was able to eat all the grains of jute
While he thought of the larger world around him
He was confused about what was happening to him
Suddenly, he heard a voice from a place above him
“ You have black holes around your conscience.”

Maryam batool © Copyrights reserved :


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