What is it in knowing you that make my awareness come alive? My thoughts of you are ever present. You lead me to consider, good and evil , life and death to see more clearly our own minuteness yet be ever aware of the grandeur of life . To be consciously mindful and electrified, awestruck if you will with the mind blowing extent of it’s vastness and it’s possibilities, of being able to consider love and enjoyment. You renew my spirit which had waned, and lain in exhaustion dealing with the worlds pursuit and desire, the endless struggle to keep from drowning in the history of men in which an ever present portion of our species seek to control what we think, what we are allowed. You can watch them re-peatedly lie, constantly barraging with misinformation. I am tired of the voices, never addressing the hypocrisy of it. I need that childhood again, we could just play together, happily and explore stuff and be excited every time we saw each other. I admit I got little of that but I remember the good because when something like it rarely happens it makes those “little” experiences supremely noticeable like “wow” noticeable. I can say only one of the families I lived with would rate an A+ , most I would suspect a D- and that’s my own wrong turn. Being one inheriting my behavior and thought by the usual means those who influence you and tradition. Picking ones way out of that nut shell and my own study of life well I found whatever said was not always correct even if I thought I agreed. But what you have taught me keeps meon a course ever growing into that fullness of the face you have allowed me to look upon .Most of the time I seem short on everything, until you are here , and everything is all right again . I have missed you; I’ve written you a lot. The day I met you, you opened the door for me and through it came understanding, sight , and perspective and the puzzle is taking shape and being put together. I’m sometimes unsure if I want to see it’s completion or just be somewhere where I can enjoy the journey. Come on now I don’t want to leave the joy of your company and face that testament to man’s insanity, and it’s temple of the worlds governments. You can see it coming, the corporations eating up the land, conscripting the citizens, the same, nothing new under the sun except the window dressing. The shades are always drawn and dark they prefer you to have “limited vision”. So seeking your company exceedingly pleases me. What you have taught I have stored up and you principles are ever before me. I have examined your word and found it truthful; therefore I will always lift you up. These are my words to you. I have put them to pen so I might remember and walk again in them. You restore my heart and bring me comfort. But I have to mention the ones who amaze and hold my attentions. I swear that they experience the most awful things yet they pick up, dust themselves off , and give a hand to others up on the way . I’m thinking I like these ones a lot, just saying. I’ll write you again soon. In the mean time I’m keeping this one a while before I send it …You’re always on my mind.



Those of us who attentively examine the Cosmos understand that life is intent upon expanding itself in every respect . It is in a state of replication that cannot be coerced to stop or thwarted by something as small as angels or men. These cannot impede what it has set in motion . Birth and renewal are a constant in it’s march forward to paths and destinations foreseen by it’s very order. No angel or Man can prohibit , inhibit , or defy it’s relentless and all consuming forge to refine all that it encompasses.

I am constantly in a state of being awestruck by it’s integrity to itself. Where it is only the defiant actions of men and angels who continually throw such destructive thought and action at it and move to poison , erode , dismantle and pollute the very things that elevate a joy so supernal in realizing we are an intrinsic element of it’s drive .

That those wanton articles of filth set to denude the planet and man , whose ideology is so nefarious that those not being bought and sold as “world leaders” are equally in it’s grip and masquerade as progress. I defy those who believe we can create ” a better world ” by ripping apart the one we currently inhabit . Those who consider soiling the earth with violence and the blood of their “brothers” who exist in different lands to acquire “the prizes” of the earth’s riches for themselves , are those who ought to be in prison alongside the mass murderer’s and serial killers already there. The global elite who assume they are the Masters of Destiny and rulers in the world of men are seen to be nothing but puppets being played on a stage set for destruction of corruption and the ruination of those who take part in their activity. Is there a nation on the planet that has more WMD’S , chemical weapons , poisonous chemicals , drugs and men set to terrorize others on the planet more than this supposed “One nation under God” and by it’s action fully demonstrate that the God they worship is the God of Death and War .

The relentless and insidious indoctrination in every level of those thought to be “leaders” foisted upon the masses in every nation can be considered a fraud so great that it’s demise is highly sought after by those who truly LOVE LIFE and desire that all shall be able to partake in it’s blissful essences .But the next episode of rape your neighbor and his ground is a rerun in your media , your mind , your desire and your actions. Again I divorce you , Universal Religion of Theft of all that is good which is insinuated in every teaching , doctrine , inculcation , of a war on everything bright , beautiful and intrinsic to the nature of life in the Cosmos …


(or star crossed lovers)

Not a day goes by I don’t think of you you have permeated my fortress      and walk freely in all its rooms (examining it’s furnishings) how did I allow you entry without the usual search scan and seizure ? I’ts like a foreign substance and all my antibodies are seeking to eradicate your presence (anti-christs) My mind and heart find your entrance exhilarating like ecstasy ( a neurologically happy drug , which by the way I’ve never imbibed in but the other one I’m only slightly familiar with) My body wants to throw you off like some intruder to the death it lies in bondaged slavery of.

I finally understand the WAR. I want to isolate this substance and imbibe at will or as often as I desire. There’s no corner on the market for this substance, you can only get this by freely accepting it as your own life blood , the loss of which kills us , but it’s flow is what keeps us alive. I desire to lay in it’s bliss like basking in a warm sun’s rays unfortunately I burn easily , so I usually limit my exposure to substances I feel may do me damage. But OH , HOW GOOD this FEELS , as though I should have been born to this naturally . But NO , love is not the natural substance of the world in it’s battlements and fortresses erected by men and so thoroughly indoctrinated into his very being . I just want to bottle this and share it with everyone. But everyone “knows” every really really great substance wears off and kicking the habit is way way painful. But I want to suck this up and live in it , to have the heat of it never dim , until it is an all consuming fire that lights everything in it’s sphere . Yes LOVE JUNKIE , child of God a shameless addict to truth about the paths people choose to “lose” themselves on. I’ve been like a bloodhound sniffing out every trail looking for this substance the one that transforms you into fully brilliantly vibrantly alive , and to roll in it until every fiber of my being is saturated with it’s fragrance.

The factory that manufactures this is built within, and I want unlimited access , but my own body has set up perimeters and walls to fence off my full access to my own God given life source ..(the curse) You can only have full admittance when you can use it’s power to give life and not destroy others , to be able to manage it usefully for the benefit of all. But I’m a natural indulgent in what feels good, substances always on the intake , seeking to have a balm that shields me from being abused or seeing my own abuses of Life. My ability to utilize a substance so powerful is limited by my training , my will and my exposure to everything that seeks to sell it on the open market like a thrill seeker , or cheap whore who can be had for a bouquet and dinner , which is quickly consumed in one night and disappears tomorrow . Nothing that the world offers can even slightly imitate the magnitude and power residing where Love dwells . When you’ve been allowed to taste its manna , the desire for a plateful is now not even enough but the drive to constant partaking of its presence is now an all consuming fire and I am driven to sign up for the lifetime plan . For better is a life that feeds on love daily , than to choke and suffocate on the bowls of hatred served up daily in the worlds menu. I have relished the view from opposite sides of the room, when you’re ready for the permanent plan you will have to crossover to the other side . I know you read me, like the good book , and when you understand you can hide it from the world , but not from me , or yourself . We want full access to the wellspring of life and love , I’m willing to share the source , but it’s a limited partnership (MLP) on a lifetime plan , but it’s riches are infinite and can only be provided by the source. If you’re willing to crossover , I’ll allow you re-entry and full access … Love



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