This blog is inspired by the movie I have recently watched starring Eddie Murphy-A Thousand Words. The words we utter leave a profound impact to the universe. As the self-help guru Dr. Signia played by Cliff Curtis in the movie have said, we are all connected. The power of our words greatly affect our destiny.

Murphy known for his stand up comedy did justice to his character in the film and what's more interesting is that there's a mixture of drama and not just all gags we are all used to seeing him in. In the movie, Jack McCall, a literary agent portrayed by Murphy was somewhat connected to a magical Boddhi tree which sheds off its leaves each time he says a word. Yes, he was put under a strange curse.(ain't all curses weird?) A thousand words were left for him to speak and so must be careful in opening his mouth. Even if he plays deaf mute or writes them down, all are counted to the 1000.When all of the leaves have fallen off, he will also die. This tells us to carefully choose what we utter for words have the power to either lift people up or hurt them. Words also have the power to solidify or strengthen one's relationships. Jack in the movie has an unresolved conflict with his deceased father and his forgiveness was the one which saved him on the brink of death.

The last three words he used for the last three leaves hanging on the tree branches I forgive you. This is a kind of a spoiler, pardon for those who haven't seen the movie yet.(and the disclaimer was purposely placed  at the middle of the blog) Expressing and affirming our love for those dear to us is also vital and not just mere words but coupled with actions. Also in the movie, McCall's wife is yearning for affection and affirmation which also mirrors why some relationships break at times with one partner who feels taken for granted while the other is busy with other things. If you love someone, say it but mean it! Spend quality time together and let them feel they are special while they're still alive.

How long do we hold on to grudges? It could be the one eating us up all this time. We often search for inner peace somewhere which could transform our lives when we just have to examine our inner selves first and find out what it is. "A life well-lived is one in which we only not have lived fully but one that is inspiring and have lead us to our inner peace."

So I leave you with this question: What would be the last three words you would choose to utter before you bid good bye to this world?



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