my spirit has awakened from this dreamy, deep slumber
leading me to a path of a haven with different hues dancing
flamboyantly flirting with my naked eyes.

an optical illusion some would utter
but this heavenly apparition in front of me is hypnotizing
a painting of a still life welcomed me to an eternal solace.

a masterpiece depicted in what could have been
a canvass of real life, a fortress within the confines of my imagination
a by-product of my creative mind's jubilation!

such a relaxing shelter,sacred place to be for a soul with a dying ember
sweet echoes of memories from the distant past greeted me
as I immerse myself in this abysmal revelry.

chirping birds, sound of crickets tune in to a vibrant rhythm
as the artist's hands glides in with his undying passion
i watch solemnly as He moves his finishing touches with such lovely creation!

a work of art way beyond any appropriate description
this palette of life each one of us on a mission
created by a Higher being above, our Master Scribe!

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2012

A cast-away soul in his solitary moment,
Floating into a never-ending circle of uncertainty
In denial of all things hitting him in the eye
Or could it be that he just can’t dare to face dire reality?
A deep-seated fear sets in rooted from the world’s cruelty.

Shielding himself from dark forces,
But wake-up calls are beyond his control
He wants to awaken from this abstract dream
Mysterious vibrations preventing him to even scream
Delusions overwhelming him in every heart beat.

A spectrum of enveloped ideas only his mind can conceive,
Out of this swirling darkness he awakened from being naïve
Bid adieu to his grueling nightmare
Awaiting for the dawning of a new day
To see the light welcoming him again.

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2013


In the vast shadow of my loneliness,
I see an empty blue sky above me
Sunny as it may seem, I still feel
this emptiness from within…

I see myself flying high up but
with nowhere to go…searchin’
for my rainbow, the end it still
doesn’t show… In the tapestry
of my dreams, I see clouds white as
snow, fragments of my past just continue to flow…

Deep inside this heart of mine, I have nowhere to
go but to go on searchin’ for my other shadow…
On my journey through life I have learned people
come, people go…but its how you touched someone’s
heart and life that matters whenever you go…

I may have turned my back but I will surely turn around
and see you smiling for you will never regret once in your
life I came but now I must go…color blind…even if my life
direction is still blurred…I must go color blind and be content,
be happy for what God has created me!

Elizabeth E. Castillo © 2009


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