Szhayne Ansay- Villaverde

I am the Anonymous Voice of Pakistan
I desire to be educated
For girls is not to be a trophy wife
But given a chance, to have equal rights as of men

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
Who wrote an anonymous diary against Taliban
The youngest person who won Nobel Peace Prize
The winner who fought with her younger brethren

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
I was shot in the head by the Gunman
An act that catapulted to International fame
After surviving in the dramatic assault

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
Chronicling the fears of school girls
Under the shadow of Taliban
After I was named Time Magazine
Most Influential people in 2013

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
I am only 11 when I wrote the Pashtun Diary
Under a pseudo name Gul Makal
a heroine from Pashtun Folktale

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
Who fought for the rights of school girls
For forbidding girls to be educated
That is my primordial concern

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
I documented the anxiety of my friends
For fears of being targeted by militants
Attending classes in disguise, so as not to draw attention

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
A passionate campaigner
Who speaks freely
And documented my life in hiding

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
I had continued my campaign
Reading my diary for BBC Urdu
Sharing my life using pen name Gul Makai
I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
I don’t want tobe thought of a girl
Who was shot by Taliban
But the girl who fought for education

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
Let us pick up books and pens
They were the most powerful weapon
For one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan
I dream the peace in every home
Every street, every village, and every country
I am Malala Yosefsai, I will always be the anonymous voice of Pakistan

Szhayne Ansay- Villaverde

Love knows what time is…
For when were in love time is fast
For when were bored time is long
But a moment with you is a moment of passing time

As a child…
We lost track of time
For when we play, laugh and just be a kid
For we don’t need to worry
A finite company of toys, dreams and fears is a moment of passing time

As a mother…
The time she had you is timeless
You wrapped and hugged closed to mine
Like a precious jewel that everyone will desire
And time flies so fast till it’s time to be like her

As a father…
As I see your tiny toes
I feel amazed when you first say dada, walk and cry
Fall asleep and made tantrums all at once, I don’t want you to grow old
But time is passing and I might lose you and have grown to be like me

As a lover…
You may be second and I may be an hour
It may be a long chased and even takes a lifetime
But waiting is nothing
For I now love is my time machine set to your present perfect

In time…
It may have passed slowly
Separated by time and spaces
But time is what we manage to make
As life passes, you stood proud
You did live well because your time is worth remembering

Szhayne Ansay- Villaverde

There’s a route with no end
That I have been travelling since
Like a transit or a train
Looking for the road to blissfulness

Four seasons had passed
Years and decades and century went by
Oh how I missed the falling leaves
And the coldness of the decay

Is there a road to felicity?
I asked the maiden, the passers by, and everyone I came across by
But they kept a silent grim
And a nay was the only answer

I have age  and have seen life
I travelled to a far away land
And still I can’t still find
The road to felicity

Then one day I have a companion
An old man , a hermit , in his solitary life
I asked him where can I find the road to Felcity?
And he smiled and told me, You are the road to felicity.

Oh how I missed everything looking for happiness
And the birthdays, holidays and gatherings I skip
Its been a decade since
And now I will travel to the road to felicity

Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde
 MARCH 6, 2016



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